Resist It

But really don't, accept instead...

Resistance Ends Now

Let’s just stop now. Let’s stop the resistance. Now I’m not saying to stop resisting “the man” because really, “F*#$ the Man”…

Instead, how about we stop resisting the ability to not resist? Somehow that makes sense in my head

Ya see, all too often we resist all too much. We resist what’s directly in front of us. We resist, the what is of right now. In doing so, we miss it.

We battle with internal struggles, we demonize what might just be gold to our souls.

We fight it, we internalize it, we argue with the devil sitting on our shoulder.

And while we were busy resisting, so hung up in “it”, we missed what was right in front of us. We missed opportunity, we missed possibilities. We missed living!

Are you resisting right now? What about moving on from something, are you resisting to let go of something that no longer matters, something you “lost”, something you maybe never even had?

Can you make a list of at least 3 things you’re resisting right now? I bet there are more. I know my list had more than 3.

Write them down, choose one, accept the what is and feel that freedom...

Because here’s the thing…

The thing is, NOW is your time. Please, I beg of you. Stop waiting. Do what makes you happy. Do that thing you’ve been putting off because you’re worried about what someone else may think or say. Tackle that experience, go on that adventure.

Coming Soon has no time here.

Your time may be up tomorrow. You may not wake up in the morning. So when you do, wake up and live. Live your life. Shine bright, even brighter than that.

Launch now, begin the new chapter. F that, begin your next book!

You matter and I believe in you!


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