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Shut Up Brain - I Can Do This

What do you say we dive deep into the exhilarating journey of stepping out of your comfort zone and running straight into any challenge holding us in place?

In a world that often encourages us to stay within the boundaries of what's familiar and safe, a world where routine seems to be the standard, where bucking ”the norm” has others ask “what is she/he thinking?”. Personally, I believe in the power of those willing to step out side that comfort, to stop the routine, to do what makes them happiest.

To that I shout loudly in praise to the bold adventurers, the curious explorers, and the brave souls who are willing to stretch their limits, take risks, and pursue growth. And I ask, how can you become more empowered to tackle your own challenges head-on and discover the vast potential and world that lies just beyond the edge of comfort?

And I shout louder to those about to take the first step they’ve ever taken. Into that fear zone, dipping your toes in and realizing on the other side of that fear is where you learn. Learn that growth is your only next option. Do it once, and you will be unstoppable, learning to live in a way most can only imagine. A way that is growth.

It’s easy for some, more difficult for others….

Listen, I get it. Life can feel better in that comfort zone. Sticking with what you know. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that if that is, indeed where you need to stay. Fear can be a crippling thing, holding you in place, now allowing you to take that step. If you can break that though, if you can learn that fear is a choice and you can do it, you might be surprised what is waiting for you on the other side.

Honestly, this is a challenging thing to write about because it confuses me. I am scared of few things. Really, the only thing that comes to mind is a hippopotamus. I know, I know… But really, they are beasts that attack without warning and they’re pretty unassuming right, “that thing is huge and chunky and can’t catch me!” Hold up though, THEY CAN!

Anyhow, my mindset tends to be a “let’s do this and figure all the things out along the way”. Like chickens, chickens are great, and while the visit to tractor supply was supposed to be that of figuring out the cost of starting and getting all the chicken things. Well, chickens came home. The cutest 6 little chickens with 6 more planned. It would be easy to question all the steps, to research for weeks, to ask all the people, to learn all the chicken things. Like, did you know that they pee and poop out of the same hole. It’s called a vent (vutt).

Totally getting off track here, and now just thinking about chickens, so let’s bring this back… Comfort zone Tim, comfort zone. Challenges… Comfort zone and challenges Tim!

Diving headfirst into the murky waters of challenge is akin to enrolling in the School of Hard Knocks, where the curriculum is designed by life itself, and the final exams never seem to end. But, oh, the rewards! It's like discovering that the broccoli you've been avoiding your entire life actually tastes good when roasted with a bit of garlic and olive oil. Tackling challenges head-on doesn't just build character, it also sharpens your wit, making you the human equivalent of a Swiss Army knife—versatile, reliable, and occasionally able to open a bottle of wine when needed.

Look at yourself peering up that trail to the summit of a mountain, it’s a monstrous undertaking and it’s beginning to look like coffee at that new coffee bar is surely the better option. It’s not though, get that out of your head right this moment. You can get coffee afterwards. Instead, slow your roll and don’t look at the entire proverbial mountain. Instead look at the trail to the top. Look at each turn as one step closer to overcoming that challenge. One step at a time, no matter how large or small, will get you there.

One step further today, is one step more than yesterday.

The power of one more is an unstoppable force. And YOU HOLD THAT FORCE!

Now, if you're thinking that avoiding challenges is safer, remember that safety often comes with a side of blandness, like ordering vanilla ice cream (though, in all honestly, I do love me some vanilla, as long as it’s ice cream) at a shop that offers flavors like "Moonlight Serenade on a Pistachio Beach." Embracing challenges is indeed the secret sauce to your growth. Every challenge conquered is a story to tell, a feather in your cap, and a quiet nod to yourself that yes, you are indeed the protagonist in the epic saga of your life. Be that a real mountain summit, learning a new skill / hobby, taking an adventure to an unknown, reaching out to someone new or old, or any other challenge that sits in front of you.

Listen, what I am sure of is this. YOU CAN DO IT! You will learn along the way, you don’t need all the answers first, lean to the light and not the what if’s and remember, the true power may just come in the form of “one more”…

Don’t get me wrong, failure is always a possibility and that’s okay.

Think of failure as that one friend who shows up uninvited to your party, eats all the snacks, and accidentally breaks your favorite lamp. Annoying? Absolutely. But, like that friend, failure brings a hidden gift: the gift of growth. It’s the universe’s backhanded way of saying, “Here’s what not to do next time, genius.”

Embracing failure as a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block allows you to sift through the rubble of disappointment and unearth the gems of wisdom buried underneath. It's about asking, “What can this teach me?” instead of “Why did this happen to me?” In doing this, you not only become more resilient but also chart a clearer path forward, equipped with newfound insights and a slightly thicker skin. Remember, every great success story is littered with chapters of failure; it’s just that those chapters are often skimmed over for the juicy bits of triumph.

5 Ways to Overcome Challenges

1. Break It Down: Often, challenges seem insurmountable because we view them as a massive, tangled web of problems. Start by breaking the challenge down into smaller, manageable tasks. Just like eating a giant pizza slice by slice, tackle each part of the problem one step at a time. This method not only makes the problem seem more manageable but also provides a clear path forward.

2. Seek Support: Remember, you're not alone. Whether it's friends, family, or professionals, there's a whole world of people out there who can offer guidance, advice, or just a listening ear. Sharing your burdens can lighten your load significantly and might just provide you with a fresh perspective or solution you hadn’t considered.

3. Learn from Others: Chances are, someone has faced a similar challenge before. Look for case studies, read biographies, or listen to podcasts that relate to overcoming obstacles. Learning from others' experiences can provide valuable insights and strategies that you can apply to your own situation.

4. Adjust Your Approach: If you hit a wall, it might be time to try climbing over it instead of banging your head against it. Flexibility in your approach can make a world of difference. Be willing to change your strategy, pivot your plans, or even take a step back if it means finding a more effective path forward.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude: This might sound like a platitude, but maintaining a positive outlook is crucial when facing challenges. A positive mindset won’t make the problem disappear, but it will keep you in a better state to tackle it. Embrace the mindset that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and learning. Remember, it's not about the problem itself, but how you respond to it that counts.

You got this and as always…

I believe in you,


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