Do You Have 8 Minutes

The power of knowing 8 minutes is there for you

Hey, do you have 8 minutes?

“Do you have 8 minutes, and that simply means, I need you”

In a world where every minute feels accounted for and schedules seem to dictate our lives, it's easy to overlook the importance of simply being there for a friend in need. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle, the constant need to scroll, carving out just eight minutes can make all the difference. It's about more than just finding time; it's about prioritizing human connection and lending a compassionate ear when it's needed most.

Can you imagine the impact of dedicating just a fraction of our day to supporting those we care about, and how those brief moments can ripple out into profound acts of kindness and understanding.

The New York Times shared a post in a happiness challenge about an 8 minute phone call. That brought me down a dark hole of posts revolving around the New Your Times post and the 8 minute call and how in that challenge, some callers wanted to talk longer, some wanted to not do it at all. Some were glad they did. We aren’t here to talk about that 8 minutes though. There’s nothing wrong with 8 minutes to say “hi”, asking about friends, or just to chat.

And to think, it wasn’t even the New York Times post that brought this all up, because, while 8 minutes to just chat are great.

There are 8 minutes that are much more important.

And I ask you this question: “Do you have an 8 minute friend?”

Have you ever felt alone? Have you ever been struggling and didn’t know what to do? Have you kept the hurt inside when you really could have used a hand to lift you up? Have you ever felt that you don’t have anyone you can reach out to in a time of need? Maybe as if no one would understand, or someone would judge you? Do you know of a friend who may have felt any of those things even if you haven’t? I can almost promise you that someone in your circle is struggling right now, even if they don’t want to share. And maybe they don’t want to share because they don’t feel as if they have a safe space to do so.

A couple weeks ago, I was sent a TikTok post that Simon Sinek had posted. This post talked about the power of having / being an 8 minute friend. And not the 8 minute phone call the New York Times talked about. But actually being an 8 MINUTE FRIEND.

Can you imagine the power of knowing that you have that person, someone, anyone, a friend or relative that you can send a simple text “hey, do you have 8 minutes” and you know without hesitation that they will immediately call you. That they will be here for you?

Think about the power of knowing you are that person or you have that person.

Think about the power that 8 minutes might have to another. Think about how full your soul will feel after that 8 minutes.

Think about the safety in knowing you have that friend if you ever need.

Think about the reality of stepping away from what you’re doing, no matter how important, no questions asked, and reaching out for that 8 minute call that can very well save your friends life.

Can you do that for someone? Can you share this post with them and simply ask “will you be my 8 minutes?”

(in case you feel alone and don’t have that person, I will be it for you 860.977.9269)


True friends are there for you through the highs and the lows. Christina Tosi is that kind of friend for me. She’s someone I can laugh wit... See more

There’s something about a blank slate. Or in this case, blank wood.

Looking at a piece of wood and having it decide what it wants to be. The shape it will take, the style it will hold.

Would it be easy to create cheese boards, charcuterie boards, and live edge tables out of templates, sure. Would it get boring, the same design and style every time, yup!

Instead it’s creating pieces that NO ONE else will ever have. When you have that serving board, bring that cheese out to your friends, and that cheese board is one of a kind. That’s what you deserve. Or at last that’s how I tend to create.

Just the magic in taking the raw wood and creating the final pieces. Satisfying to the soul I guess. If you ever want a custom board made, reach out and let’s chat. Or if you want to grab one, there’s always a few in the shop too.

Coming next week: Where have I been for the last bit because hey, it’s been a while. We talk gardening - creating - and a Weekend Getaway in VT for one lucky reader!

Till then, I believe in you.


P.S. It’s not peeps that actually win the easter candy showdown, it’s Cadbury Mini eggs… Am I right or am I right?

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