It's Not A Resolution

The New Chapters To Be Written

Resolutions Suck

Welcome to 2024! 

Resolutions suck but your 2024 doesn’t have to!

It’s in this new year there are goals that are being worked on. So leave the resolutions which more often than not will be broken and let’s do the real work!

So the question is -

What will you write on your pages? What images will you add to the scrap book in your mind and maybe even on paper or on the wall? What will you tackle?

When opportunity arises, will you jump all over it?

When adventure opens the door, will you get up and walk out with it? Discovering new places and getting lost in the possibilities?

Will you explore places new and old?

This is your time, 2024 is your year. Forget the scare tactics from the news, stop watching the news. Forget the boundaries set by others and build your own borders. Get the fuck out there and live because, while you made it to 2024, tomorrow is not promised.

Stop living to get by, don’t live as if it’s your last day, but instead, live as it’s your firsts. Eyes wide open, seeking the light.

This is your time!

And I plan on making it mine as well!

Ya see, for more than a short while I have wanted to get back into racing mountain bikes. Wanted probably isn’t the right word, more like “longed to”?

It wasn’t a goal, it wasn’t a dream, it was just there. Like a fog that sits in a valley. Only thing is that fog eventually burns off, this longing did not. Nor did I think racing would be possible any time soon either.

My current mountain bikes are (were) all-mountain / enduro bikes. Designed to get to the top of a mountain but built to send you down the other side with speed and grace, dodging the trees and full sending it over the rocks. The ups were schloggy. Yes, I said schloggy. It’s a new word. The simple reality, they were not fun to pedal uphill.

Then it happened, late in 2023, a new race bike was purchased. A go fast built for the woods. Light, agile, snappy, fun. The ups are a new world. When you push on the pedals, the bike takes off. On the downs, it whips around turns and propels you forward. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t go doing large drops or full sending through a boulder field at a 10 degree pitch. But for going fast, and long distance, Casper (that’s its name) is a beast of a bike. And with that, comes 2024 and the new racing season. Training, riding, racing, grasping at pain I get to choose. And then pushing just that little bit further.

Anyway, this isn’t a resolution to what will come. It’s just the new reality. Getting fast once again and seeing what I am capable of surviving on a bike!

Art Is Pretty - Ugly… 

Art is pretty and ugly and can also be pretty ugly.

2024 also has a lot of art in store. Creating the pieces that need to be created. Right now it’s a lot to do with lines. Colors. And blank spaces.

It’s time to build, to explore, to adventure. Not just in the woods and in the wild, but on canvas.

And some of this art will be given away to you all! One piece at a time.

Growth and Foundations

The future is no longer the future. Some know that we have short term rentals in Vermont. 2024 will see building onto that. How it happens, and how you can make it happen. The 2024 property search is on, and it’s on in a different direction and different opportunity. You’ll have to wait and see.

Adventures and Exploring

Is the way to build real wealth.

Far away lands and towns next door. The old and the new. The woodland treasures and sights, and so so so much more. All shared.

And of course, Lifting others.

Not just you and me, but strangers. Those that need it. In ways that are helpful and fun. Ways that mean something, ways that can make a difference.

Why? Simple answer, strangers are just friends we haven’t made yet. So let’s be friends.

If you’re ready for all of the above, then stick around, you’re in the right place. If none of the above is for you, now is probably the time to part ways and no longer be “friends”. It’s okay, I won’t cry for too long, maybe just a therapy session or two.

Long story short, let’s join together and make 2024 an incredible year!

Why? Well, because as always -

I believe in you,



or to participate.